What is ICST?

ICST is a decentralized platform designed for the trading of personal creative content and skills. We are building an open, transparent, and efficient ecosystem utilizing the power of blockchain technology to give control back to content creators around the world, so they can directly publish, promote, and trade their content with consumers. ICST is applicable to all existing platforms willing to incorporate the ICST exchange protocol in their business model.

What problems can ICST solve?

Our current content creation industry needs a significant upgrade. ICST plans to revitalize this industry through the following:
Improve the income ratio of content and skill producers to make their services more equitable.
Integrating directly with existing social media platforms to reduce costs and enable broader content sharing across the world.
-Capitalizing on the new C2B2C (Consumer-Blockchain-Consumer) business model to replace the traditional C2B2C (Consumer-Business-Consumer) and ultimate bring more revenue to content producers.
-Giving content producers more exclusive control to their content rights and how they publish, promote, and share it.
-Reducing transaction fees, improving the customer experience through a built-in rating system, and increasing revenue for producers.

What is the ICST token? How does it work?

ICST is a utility token necessary for making transactions on the platform. Content producers who share services or resources on the platform will be rewarded with tokens. In the future, ICST will be used to facilitate transactions on StarMaker’s decentralized exchange.

What are some highlights of ICST?

-Every quarterly net profit from StarMaker will be used to buy back ICST coins.
-An enormous userbase of over 50 million users at launch.
-Completely transparent system for content producers to track their revenue.
-Token discount mechanism
-A sound management system for content producers.

Can I mine ICST tokens?

No, ICST tokens are all pre-mined. “Miners” on the ICST platform are those who provide computing resources, new services, or ready-to-deploy applications. People who contribute their resources or services will be rewarded with tokens.

Is ICST a standalone software package?

ICST is a platform service, rather than a standalone software package or set of APIs. ICST is combining the power of blockchain technology with cloud computing to create an incentive-driven marketplace that solves issues related to the current content creation industry.

Is ICST an open-source platform?

ICST is NOT an open-source platform or project. However, we will open source several critical protocols and their references as we reach certain milestones. Even though ICST is not an open-source project, it is built with open standards. This platform is being built with app develops’ needs in mind. Along with open-sourcing our core components, we will be actively contributing to a variety of blockchain technology communities.

Is ICST a public blockchain?

No. ICST is essentially a computing platform that will allow developers to build and deploy blockchain applications. ICST itself is powered by built-in blockchain technology.

Can other projects make their own Token Generation Event with ICST?

Yes. With ICST, developers can create custom tokens that inherit all the features of our native ICST token. Soon, developers will be able to make their own token generation event after they have built and deployed applications on the ICST platform.

Do I have to do registration and KYC?

Yes, registration and KYC is mandatory.

Who can participate in the token sale event?

Due to regulatory reasons, we will not accept participants from People’s Republic of China, United States, South Korea, and OFAC-sanctioned countries).

Why do I need to specify my Ethereum address during the registration?

This address is where you’ll receive your purchased ICST tokens.

What do I need to provide for KYC?

You will need to provide the following information: name, nationality, email, address, a scan of your passport photo page or government issued ID, and a selfie photo. In certain cases, more information may be required.

How many Ethereum addresses can I register?

You may only register one Ethereum address. If you’d like to update your Ethereum address, you can do so by sending an email to administrator@icst.io

How long does the verification take?

The verification may take up to 7-10 business days (or longer in certain situations). Once you’re approved, you will be notified via email.

Can I modify my KYC information after submission?

Yes, please send an email to administrator@icst.io if you’d like to update your information.

Where can I get more help?

Here are additional ways to contact our support team:
Telegram: https://t.me/ICST_global
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icstoken.global
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICST_global
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/icst-global/
Website: http://icst.io
Email: administrator@icst.io

What’s the process and schedule of ICST’s release?

The People-Joy Foundation plans to release 3 billion ICST in total, with 900 million in the private token sale. The use of funds will be spread as follows:
- Development of ICST blockchain = 40%
- Research and Development for expansion and migration from StarMaker to ICST = 25%
- Research and development of ICST platform = 20%
- Promoting the ICST protocol to applications on other platforms = 10%
The initial release of 3 billion tokens will proceed as follows:
1. Financing: we plan to raise 30,000 ETH, 10,000 of which will be raised from cornerstone investors (1 ETH = 36,000 ICST) and 20,000 of which will be raised from the private token sale (1 ETH = 27,000 ICST).
2. The number of released tokens = 3 billion.
3. The initial release = 30%

What’s the process and schedule for ICST’s repurchase agreement?

Users participating in transactions from the StarMaker platform will have access to a discounted fee (rates are shown in the following table) if they hold the ICST currency when they need to pay a transaction fee.
Repurchase plan: After we deploy ICST onto the StarMaker platform, every quarterly net profit from StarMaker will be used to buyback ICST coins. These coins will then be destroyed. Repurchased records will be announced as soon as they’re complete. Users can check the records over the ICST blockchain, which will guarantee continued transparency throughout the process. This plan will be in effect until 900 million ICST are destroyed.
ICST Vesting Plan for the Team:
Initial Release: 25% (450 million)
After 1 year: 25% (450 million)
After 2 years: 25% (450 million)
After 3 years: 25% (450 million)
In the future, ICST will be used in the decentralized exchange of StarMaker. It will become a core component of the platform’s operation.

What if I send an amount over the personal cap?

Please DO NOT contribute over the limit. It will cause failure of participation. Your ETH contribution will be returned with an additional 20% penalty, which will be process 5 weeks after the token release.

Is there any rule for gas limits?

Every participant will have their individual cold wallet address. Here are the maximum gas levels:
ETH: Up to 60 gwei, 200K
CMT: Up to 60 gwei, 200K.
Please DO NOT go over these limits. It will cause failure of participation. Your ETH contribution will be returned with an additional 20% penalty, which will be process 5 weeks after the token release.

Can I use a cryptocurrency exchange address as the ETH address to receive my tokens?

No. Please DO NOT use a cryptocurrency exchange address (Kraken, Coinbase, etc.) as the ETH address to receive your tokens.

Where will the refunded tokens go?

Refunded tokens will be sent to the ETH address you provided during registration. It must be an address for an ERC20 compatible wallet, NOT an exchange. Otherwise you may lose your funds.

Is there any wallet you recommend?

Any wallet that supports ERC20 will be fine. MyEtherWallet and ImToken are two such examples.

When and where will I receive my tokens?

We will send your ICST tokens to the ETH address you provided during registration. You will receive them within 4 weeks of the token sale.

What happens if I lose my account password? Can I recover my tokens?

You can reset your account by using the “Forgot Password” option. You will not lose your tokens.

Can I buy ICST tokens using fiat currency?

No, the ICST token sale only accepts Ethereum

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