You have probably heard about Token Sale, that it’s the logical next wave of crypto-based investing. For beginners, a crypto token sale is essentially essentially a means of fundraising for crypto-currency projects via the trading of tokens via the blockchain. One of the best things about the blockchain is that, because it is a decentralized system that exists between all permitted parties, there’s no need to pay intermediaries and it saves you time and conflict. Blockchains have their problems, but they are rated, undeniably, faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional systems, which is why banks and governments are turning to them. Tokens can store complex multi-faceted levels of value. Technically, tokens are not offered but generated. Token sales are absolutely the next wave of crypto-based investing, drawing from the best aspects of traditional investment models. This financial service and scalable investment model promises long term stability and it’s much different from ICOs because of its low volatility and it’s well appreciated because it involves participation of professional investors as opposed to crowd investing in ICO. Token sale also has the major advantage of being backed up by a solid business model with increased transparency for those who are aware of upside potential and domestic risk. The exponential growth in token sales is staggering, everyday sees a new token sale announcement and lots of capital have been raised through this method with a market capitalisation of over $1.2 billion. It is no doubt that Token sales are very young and very risky market and despite the increasing amount of announced token sales and virtually all companies that has participated in token sales has no existing or proven product with some having no more than or just a little more than a whitepaper, yet ICST successfully completed private token sale with futuristic results.

Ever wondered if personal skills and talent could be identified, measured, stored and shared and also well protected using blockchain technology. ICST is a new exchange protocol using smart contract (Smart contracts essentially help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman) that allow that allows any individual to show their talents, skills. With blockchain 2.0 transitioning into the financial industry, there will be an expansion from the initial monetary system to the registration and transfer of equities, and the exchange of securities and contracts, ICST focuses on the application of blockchain in the content and skills sharing industry by challenging existing business model through storage of a public account and distribution of income in a blockchain and the income ratio of the content and skills of producers would be more transparent and equitable and as well as integrating social marketting platforms. Indeed ICST has revolutionized the theblockchain industry and will influence the way we share content and skills positively. ICST’s most underlying success secret is in its ability to develop new business model that strives to improve consumer experience, increase producer returns, reduce transaction fees and ultimately to build an effective ecosystem using the new Consumer-Business-Consumer model. The ICST business model builds user confidence in the platform and as well increase engagement and participation in the platform to ensure that all transaction records are open and transparent in the public and efficient exchange environment for all consumers.

There are many roles in the ICST ecosystem as highlighted in the ICST white paper below:

Producer: The producer is responsible for producing sharable digital content in music and videos, or providing personal services such as interactive gaming, voice chats, guided tours, psychological counselling. Digital content creation generates income through the advertising fees on the platform, while technical service generates income through payment for the service.

Consumer: The consumer is the recipient of the content or service. They can obtain income by participating in social marketing and sharing the advertising fees. Meanwhile, they are responsible for evaluating the merchandise, ensuring its originality, and reporting plagiarism, for which they are compensated with credits.

Moderator: The moderator’s role is undertaken by the consumers who have attained certain credits. They are responsible for the arbitration and resolution of disputes in the payment procedure.

Distribution platform: The distribution platforms include the presenting platform for personal content and a matching platform for personal skills. The former obtains income through product deployment and the presentation of personal content to the clients, while the latter obtains income through the establishment of intermediate platforms for matching producers and consumers and collecting intermediary fees. Both platforms will build a significant amount of traffic through the social marketing system.

Advertiser: The advertiser is responsible for monetizing the content through stream advertisements, creating and managing advertisements, improving the search accuracy of the advertisements through artificial intelligence, and advancing the cooperation between the distribution platforms and the advertisers.

ICST token is well regulated and is the key determinant of any token sale with a Content production and distribution platform at detailed in their whitepaper below:

  1. Content Production and administration
  2. Social Marketing and Content Promotion
  3. Content Evaluation System
  4. Distribution of Income based on Smart Contract

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