The ICST platform is used to store, share and protect
digital creative content to protect artists, lower
transaction cost and create an efficient
ecosystem of revenue sharing.

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Blockchain C2B2C Business Model
Company Highlights

The net profit from the ICST platform will be utilized as
part of the token buyback program.



Research and

Research completed to
migrate StarMaker to the
ICST platform

Feasibility study for ICST
as a decentralized user-centered
content ecosystem


ICST smart contract
token release

Smart contract for
ICST completed

Successfully closed
private sale

2018 Q2-Q3

Develop prototype

First generation of ICST
will be completed with all
basic component functions.
The copyright certification,
dispute resolution, content
sharing, and revenue sharing
systems will be completed.

2018 Q4-2019-Q1

ICST system promotion and
advanced operations Wide-scale
promotion of the ICST platform.
Market testing and system upgrades to
come with user feedback.
Improvements will be focused
on revenue sharing mechanisms
for content creation.

2019 Q2-Q3

Continued ICST application upgrades
De-bottlenecking and
systems architecture
upgrades toaccommodate the rapidly growing ICST userbase.
Resolve all issues related to decentralized
storage and transaction speeds to boost
the scalability and flexibility of the system.


Utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize talent sharing across the world.

ICST is a dynamic content sharing social media ecosystem that’s centered on giving power back to the artists. Through secure smart contracts, the ICST platform will eliminate digital copyright issues and liberate the artistic community to produce, promote, and trade their content with complete autonomy and transparency.


  • Co-founder
    Jerry Ji Guo

    Ji Guo is a serial blockchain entrepreneur who previously lead Bitcoin.com's marketing operations and oversaw Polymath's $100 million ICO. He also serves as CMO of Smarter Contract. After beginning to invest in crypto in early 2013, his investment agency now transacts over-the-counter trades between $50-$350 million in size. He's co-founded a YC company, worked as a journalist for The New York Times, and owned a gourmet burger restaurant. He also holds an economics degree from Yale University.

  • Co-founder
    Richard Bai

    Co-founder of BD Fund. Richard graduated from University of Sheffield

  • CTO
    Vaibhav Namburi

    UNSW Australia, Director/Founder of Five2One &Developer.io Vaibhav has helped raise millions of dollars for clients through well-structured Smart Contract ICOs and interactive dApps including Solidity and Hyperledger. Namburi and his team are currently involved in bringing blockchain to the mainstream by building applications using modern web architecture and the distributed blockchain system.

  • Osman Yağan

    Osman is an Assistant Research Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

  • Ramesh Shrestha

    Ramesh Shrestha is a Ph.D. in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).


  • Yahui Zhou

    Zhou Yahui is a billionaire Chinese gaming tycoon and chairman of Beijing Kunlun Tech, one of China's biggest web game developers and operators. His notable investments include: Qudian.com, Inke, Yimutian, Kuaikanmanhua.com, Opera, Grindr, etc.

  • Jonathan Ha

    12-year experience in consulting and financial services in Computer Engineering, Economics, Business Education. Jonathan is currently the CEO of Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform covering China's financial and capital markets.

  • Xiaolai Li

    Xiaolai Li founded BitFund in 2013, one of the most influential Venture Capital firms for cryptocurrencies in China. He is also the founder of INBlockchain Inc and has invested in hundreds of blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects.

  • Jimmy Hu

    Technologist focused on building intelligent business applications through machine learning and data science. He was featured in the 2017 issue of Forbes China 30 under 30 and is also the founder & CEO of Apex.

  • Michael Lewis

    Michael was previously the GM of Vive X and VP of the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance ("VRVCA"). He has been involved in the tech industry for over a decade as both an entrepreneur and investor. After co-founding two venture-backed startups in the mobile internet space in Beijing, he joined Amazon Web Services to help spread cloud computing awareness and usage amongst startups. Prior to moving to China, Michael invested in growth-stage Fintech startups for JP Morgan in New York City.

  • Daniel Bar

    Daniel is an entrepreneur focused primarily on decentralized web technologies. He is the founder of Tenzorum and founder and chairman of Bitfwd. Prior to his blockchain technology ventures Daniel was involved in research and engineering roles in Quantum Computing.



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